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Monday, 21 March 2011 21:33

Shipping & Returns!
Delivery of Donetsk and Donetsk region:

Tel +38 (066) 877-76-77 

+38 (067) 916-78-78

+38 (099) 521-69-98
When you purchase from 100 families for FREE delivery in Ukraine.

Shipping is its own courier service
Employees will contact you to confirm your order and the coordination of the delivery time
Delivery of ordered product is a convenient time for you
Delivery of goods in Donetsk - made from 30grn.
Delivery of goods to the Donetsk region and the delivery cost is negotiated with the manager
The goods are delivered to the front door or the entrance to the front door at home
Without confirmation of the order by telephone, the goods are not delivered
Payment either.
Delivery to the regions of Ukraine!
Delivery to the regions of Ukraine carried out the transport courier service depending on the region on the basis of existing tariffs for goods by bank transfer. Terms and conditions of delivery specified in the manager.

Major transport companies with whom we work:

TC "Ying-time» -

TC "Autolux» -

All carriers in UKRAINE

Delivery is made in the representation of companies perevozschika in your city. Delivery Regions paid by the buyer on their own.
Delivery price to your Location can be found on the websites of these companies.
In agreement with the buyer, delivery by other companies.

Upon receipt of the goods purchased by you, make sure its full completeness and no damage.

Before I begin my profitable business, strongly recommend that you carefully review the site

Upon receipt of the goods you receive the following documents:

proof of payment (receipt)
warranty card (if provided by the manufacturer.)
instructions for dilution.
 -Shipping for all countries in Europe SNG.Takzhe! any country! There are all supporting documents!

Delivery of the worm in the world!
Delivery-worm is carried out after receipt of payment.

- Orders for international delivery worm shall not later than 7-8 days before the date of shipment!

Shipping chepvya-cities of Russia.
Delivery of the worm in the CIS countries.


Delivery of the worm-miner in Armenia:

Delivery of the worm-miner in Australia:

Delivery of the worm-miner in Brazil:

Shipping worm prospector in the UK:
England, London.

Shipping worm prospector in Israel:
Gaza Strip, West Bank, Other, Israel

Shipping worm prospector in Spain:

Shipping to Italy:
Agrigento, Alessand

Shipping to Canada:

Delivery in China:

Delivery to Latvia:

Shipping to Mexico:

Delivery to Romania:

Shipping in the USA:
Alaska, Arizona, New York.

To order a worm prospector (Vladimir) Red Californian cherv.cherv for rybalki.gumus. fill out the form or phone +38 (066) 877-76-77

+38 (067) 916-78-78

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