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Why the tiny animals - earthworms attracted so much attention of scientists and businessmen?

          The conference gave an answer to this question: ecological farming without the use of technology vermicultivation impossible ALTERNATIVES BIOHUMUS NO! For example. efficacy of vermicompost is 10-20 times higher than manure.
          If we want to consume organic foods, we have only one way out - to live by the laws of nature. Waiver of continuous application of chemicals agriculture, which is supported by high yields (albeit low-quality food products), is possible only with the development of organic farming technology.
          Life-giving forces of nature have such great potential that if a person will be able to put this element of their service, you can not only increase yields, but also due to the transition to the consumption of quality food, much healthier population.
          Ukraine has the potential for production of vermicompost!

"Miner" is our answer to America!

          Even in 1982, Professor AM Igonin biology at the Department of Vladimir State Pedagogical University, as a result of breeding southern (Chu) and northern (Vladimir) earthworm has a new hybrid with unique properties.
          For his performance (daily, each worm produces coprolites more of its weight), endurance (remains active from 9 to 28 degrees C), fertility (one worm per year, producing offspring in 1500 and more individuals), omnivorous (converts any animal manure, droppings of birds, sapropel, any organic waste, even such as activated sludge treatment plant), Vladimir hybrid was named "Prospector," which became the trademark of a unique earthworm.
           Earthworms "Miner" is a direct competitor to the so-called Red Californian worms, because in our climate zone dilution "diggers" was preferable.
          Now, as Ukraine seeks to lift the village, food security, reduce economic dependence on energy exports, such an idea should not be missed. We are talking not only to produce goods with high added value with export potential based on the national patented technology. We will be able to provide any amount of quality foods, lower their costs and pave the recovery of the population.

  This is serious business!

          Rostov-Don is trying to solve the problem of withdrawal of the new biotechnology on the Ukrainian market, to teach employers to treat worms, as a productive force. And it is quite possible. Growing interest in the subject. A few striking examples. As you know, today a leader among the regions in the agricultural sector is the Donetsk region.
          The most important thing - the development of unique in its simplicity of technological process, which enables the vermicompost amateur farmer, an entrepreneur. Any amounts and with great efficiency. With minimal start-up costs.
          To implement, for example, a business plan a mini-production of 100 tons of vermicompost for spring and summer it only takes about 70 thousand UAH of investments. A product of this time will produce more than 1.5 million UAH. Demand for vermicompost remains so high that in the coming years to meet him would be impossible. In order for us to catch up with America, provided that each year 1000 business will develop this technology, we need 500 years! America has passed this way for 60 years. So we can be bold.
          The great interest in technology began to take agricultural enterprises. A simple calculation shows that the farm for 400 cows producing milk per year for 1-2 mln. During this same period, the cows 'produce' as much manure, if it processed on the spot in the vermicompost, then this can earn 5-10 million UAH This profitability of milk can be up to 50% and 300% vermicompost less does not happen. All calculations - at current market prices.



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