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Vermicompost (vermicompost) - waste product of earthworms, "Miner". Is a loose melkogranulirovannuyu mass with the size of grains of 1-3 mm. This is the best natural organic fertilizer of the new class.
          Vermicompost - concentrated fertilizer that contains the whole balanced complex of essential nutrients and trace elements, enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, plant growth and development. There a lot of humic substances. It is also a microbial fertilizer, it inhabits a unique community of microorganisms that create soil fertility. Vermicompost contains no pathogens, helminth eggs, pathogenic protozoan cysts, the larvae of synanthropic flies of weed seeds. Fertilizer is easy and gradually assimilated by plants during their life cycle.

          Vermicompost is used as the main organic fertilizer at planting, fertilizing of agricultural crops, in forestry, horticulture, as well as resuscitation and restoration of soils.

          Make vermicompost in the open field can be from early spring until late autumn. He is an organic fertilizer of prolonged action. Its effectiveness lasts for 4 - 7 years.

          In addition, the vermicompost can be used to control insects, as it concentration of microorganisms-producers of chitinase, a splitting of chitin (a substance that makes up the outer skeleton of insects) is very high. To protect plants from insects make vermicompost to the soil around the plants or made from a water infusion in the form of vermikompostnogo "tea" or collect fluid flowing from chervelozha, processing plant leaf surface by spraying during the growing season.
          Vermicompost is effective against insects for 6 months.
          When preparing soil mixes for growing sprouts
            vegetables and flowers, we recommend one of vermicompost mixed with three to five parts of the turf or peat lands;
            flower pots for one of vermicompost mixed with four to five parts soil.

          When sowing in ridges of green plants (parsley, lettuce, fennel, spinach, etc.)
should be evenly scattered over the surface of vermicompost beds, mix it with soil and water, and then to sow the seeds. One square meter of the ridge to make 1 liter of vermicompost.

          When transplanting tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers
vermicompost in the open ground should be placed in each well in a volume of 200-250 ml, mix it with soil, well watered and planted a sapling. After transplanting cucumber plants near the ground is desirable with the addition of vermicompost zamulchirovat layer of 1-2 cm

          When planting under each tuber is desirable to make 1-2 liters of vermicompost.

          When planting strawberries is recommended to introduce into each well of 100-200 ml of vermicompost.

          When planting winter garlic to make one square meter of vermicompost beds 1 liter and mix it with soil to a depth of 10 cm

          When planting shrubs (gooseberries, currants, etc.) in the plant hole must make 3 liters of vermicompost, mix with the ground, watered and planted shrubs.

          When planting fruit trees in the planting hole for each seedling (apples, pears, cherries, plums, etc.) need to make 4 liters of vermicompost and mix it with soil.

          In order to feed plants during the growing season is recommended once a month pour vermicompost around plant stems or in the aisle at the rate of 1 liter of fertilizer per square meter, mix and pour.

         In order to feed shrubs and fruit trees spread in the shade of vermicompost at the rate of 1 liter per square meter.

           To feed flowers and ornamental plants of open ground vermicompost should be made monthly rate of 300 ml at each plant or 1 liter per square meter of flower beds, lawns.

           To feed indoor plants make vermicompost plant under a bi-monthly by 2-3 tablespoons.

           For liquid feeding seedlings and potted plants are preparing an aqueous extract of vermicompost (vermikompostny "tea"). To do this, pour 1 cup of vermicompost in a bucket of water at room temperature. Mix well and leave for one day at room temperature. Vermikompostny "tea" contains a water soluble fractions of vermicompost (vitamins, hormones, humates, fulvates, etc.), as well as useful for soil and plant flora. The resulting solution for better germination soak seeds of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes for 12 hours.

          To irrigate vegetable crops resulting infusion is diluted in 3 more times, ie 1 cup of solution + 2 cups water. Well, this solution used for spraying fruit trees. Spraying apple trees after flowering in early opadaniya ovary during flower buds, fruit growth increases the productivity of trees (fruits are bigger, juicier, sweeter). Sprinkle in the phase of flower buds has a positive effect on yields next year. In combination with a layer of mulch biohumus 1-2 cm under the canopy of fruit trees bearing apples, cherries, plums become an annual event. This method of humus is very beneficial effect on fruit bushes: gooseberries, currants, raspberries and vine. Yield increases by about 33%, and reduced the time of maturation for 10-15 days.

          Tri-spraying with a solution vermikompostnogo tea flower crops at intervals of 7-8 days, causes an acceleration of growth and flowering of 7-10 days, increases the intensity of the color of leaves, significantly improves the grade and decorative flowers.
  Vermicompost is safe for humans, animals and bees.



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